On the HOME PAGE find your next trips organised by their destination, meeting point, date, the means of transport, hiking level and their duration. You can also search for outdoor activities both from the TRIPS PAGE and the CALENDAR as well as on the map.

The Smarthikers platform provide the links for all the hiking trips organised by the Hellenic Mountaineering Associations, the hiking and climbing agencies and groups from all over Greece.

It is the place where the participants of the hiking excursion meet and it is defined each time by the respective agency/group. It is the place from where the bus departs for the starting point of the outdoor activity.

In the vast majority of the hiking excursions, the agency/hiking group offers a bus for the hikers' transportation. However, sometimes it is possible for the hikers to travel by their own car and meet the rest of the hikers at the starting point of the activity.

Do you have in mind any specific new destination and from a specific meeting point that no agency offers? Suggest your idea into the 'PLAN YOU TRIP' PAGE.